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correct representation of how I handle everything.

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Zetterberg, Cleary & Franzen visit the Detroit Fire Department as a part of the Red Wings’ annual community tour - September 16, 2014

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Dance: Ann, Fred, Audrey, Doris, Donald, Grace, Rita, Gene & Cyd

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I heard some man in an interview say that Doris hasn’t been given an Oscar yet because she won’t attend the ceremony.
I don’t think this is the case, but regardless

SHE IS DORIS FREAKING DAY. She’s been ignored for decades by the Academy. The least they could do is deliver the award to her home in Carmel.

Sadly, this is true. She has been offered it plenty of times (including a Kennedy Center Honor and Presidential Medal of Freedom), but since she doesn’t fly and she’s too old to drive that far, they’ve decided not to give it to her. Couldn’t matter in the least bit to Doris, though - she doesn’t care about such things. The awards she does have are in closets and stashed away in storage lockers. I believe the only one she has out was given to her because of her charitable efforts with the animals. I wish she had one, though. She definitely deserves it. I mean, the most successful female actress of all time (according to the Annual List) doesn’t have an award from the Academy? That’s preposterous.
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Title: If You Can't Sleep
Artist: She & Him
Album: Volume Two
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if you can’t sleep // she & him

shut your eyes
there are bluer skies
for you’re embraced in my heart

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Why is a dream you’ve had your whole life come true the most terrifying thing in the world?

I’ve had a job offer with a music company in California (one that houses the likes of Katy Perry, Cher and Shania Twain ) and I never even submitted a resume. Ever since I was a child it has always been my dream to work in the music business. I still find myself daydreaming about it in some way, shape, or form. Whether live shows, corporate, studio or anything. I wanted nothing more than to be involved. Now I have the opportunity and I’m scared senseless. If it wasn’t completely across the country, I’d jump on it. If I wasn’t completely alone in a city like Los Angeles, I’d do it. But man.
I wish I had my grandma here to talk this over with. My parents are on either sides of the map. I think my dad just wants me gone, and my mom never wants me to leave. My grandma was the sane one.

Is this something I’ll regret for the rest of my life? Not going for this chance that’s landed completely in my lap without any effort on my part?

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Why did you start following me? 

sorry-no-more-no-less said: Emily Blunt

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